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Crystal Grids

August 31, 2019

Many people use crystals and gem stones to shift the energy in their physical world. For example, rose quartz is the love stone and a great source of both romantic and unconditional love. Its good to keep a rose quartz close to you if you are healing from a lost love or trying to draw a new love to you. Each stone has its own mystical properties and there are many charts, books, and websites that list both the physical and metaphysical properties of each stone/crystal.

Just like meditation, mindfulness, and candle-burning for intention can help one manifest certain states in their life (ex. abundance, opportunity, health), so can focused crystal and gem stone work. One method of this is called crystal grids. 

Combining different gem stones and multiple same stones and creating geometric patterns with them can help manifest new energies in your life. These "crystal grids" are typically assembled in a clean energy space in your home, a space you have saged or a sacred space you already use for intuitive practice. Some people build large crystal grids in the front or back yards of their homes as home blessings.

Crystal grids can be made with many stones or just a few and are typically built from the outside in and the center stone is often a pointed crystal to direct the intention of the grid to the universe.

There are many books and websites available on creating Crystal Grids to manifest intention. My favorite book is Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life by Mason & Petrofsky




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