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Exercises for developing your intuitive abilities

August 4, 2019


Intuitive abilities are like any other skills or abilities people have–they require practice! 

As well as being fun, these practices can serve a functional purpose in developing your psychic gifts. Being a skilled "sensitive" is all about creating space and time to focus and sense different energetic frequencies, like tuning into stations on a radio. When you tune into a station's frequency, it eventually becomes clear and you can hear the music or talk show with little to no static.

That's what these practices help with...clearing the static.

Here are four activities to help you tune into your psychic frequency:


1. Meditate

To build effective intuitive skills, it is vital to establish a daily meditation practice. Meditation can help us clear disorienting, distracting, or negative energy accumulated through stress, worry, etc. It can help us open up channels of communication with our spirit guides and passed loved ones. A meditation practice does not have to be a huge ordeal. Just 2-3 minutes of clearing your mind every day makes a difference. Try visualizations and sound meditations on youtube to help you get into a regular and fun practice.


2. Play Guessing Games

Playing light-hearted guessing games can actually lower your intensity and raise your intuitive vibrations. Even a basic deck of playing cards can be a fantastic tool for development. Get a deck of playing cards and simply shuffle and begin putting your palm on the back of the card and guess the color (black or red), the suit, or the number. Practice each variation for about 10 minutes to get into a groove. This can be more meaningful when done with a partner. Then they hold the card while you try to read it. Having a partner when practicing increases the energy flow of the process!


3. Keep a Journal

Writing about your psychic development process in a journal helps in tracking your insights, impressions, and overall progress. Your entries can be as simple as thoughts or feelings you've had while meditating to full dream recollections or readings you've done. Many developing intuitives use their journals to track synchronicities or symbols they've asked spirit to give them as guidance.


4. Clear Clutter

The outside environment we surround ourselves with directly reflects our inner being or spiritual environment. To help raise your vibration and open up your intuitive channels, try cleaning out a junk drawer or dusting your windowsills and cleaning your windows. Windows are a good starting point as they are the "eyes" of your home. Once a space is cleared of clutter, your energy will feel lighter and your intuition will be a bit sharper. This is a great practice to do as a weekly ritual. Just set aside some time and choose a de-cluttering project. Be sure to work on it steadily from start to finish. It helps to ask spirit for clarity and thank them after the task is complete. Then remember to journal about any impressions or sensations you experienced.








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