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What you put in your mind is as important as what you put in your body

January 27, 2019

Forms of energy such as the environment we create for ourselves, the food we eat, the way we chose to react emotionally to life, exercise, music,....either raise or lower our vibrational frequency. High frequencies result in satisfaction, happiness, joy, inspiration, and motivation. The lowest frequencies result in melancholy, sadness, exhaustion, despair. Everything is energy including information such as internet use, books, podcasts, movies, television shows. Believe it or not, information also vibrates at a frequency between high and low and impacts your vibration as well. It is wise to be thoughtful about the information you allow your mind to absorb. if you are not sure how a book you are reading or a movie you are watching is impacting you, try a simple meditation:

After closing your book or laptop or finishing your movie, close your eyes and, while breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth deeply, ask yourself to scale your happiness. Let your inner response flow naturally. If its a 1 or 2, your happiness or satisfaction rate is low. If its an 8 or 9, they are high. You can extend this by asking yourself how you feel about your looks, your personality, etc. This is especially effective after viewing images of celebrities, fitness people, models, etc. If your inner response is motivation, that's a high frequency. If the response is dissatisfaction or poor self-esteem, that's a low frequency (and remember, most of those images are air-brushed, filtered, or doctored in some way).

Its best to try to aim for those 8 and 9's in what you read or watch or listen to because "everything gets in" meaning everything we ingest whether it be for the body or the mind impacts our well-being. Make good choices for your mind just like you would for your body:)


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