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Welcome to The Thinning Veil, a magical Online Store with gifts and services designed for and by intuitives, sensitives, and empaths.

We offer a variety of psychic tools & kits, oracle card readings, intuitive development coaching, and seasonal workshops designed to expand your intuitive knowledge and practice.

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How We Got Here

The Thinning Veil is a visionary Online Store offering a variety of psychic energy readings, psychic tool kits for beginner, intermediate, and advanced intuitive practitioners, and a reader's blog with information, advice, and direction in the the art of intuitive applications.

The Thinning Veil began as Jennifer Kaley Roelof's vision. Jennifer is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Practitioner of more than 30 years: 

"My philosophy is that we are ALL hard-wired to receive spirit. However, our abilities to clear a channel and create a matching frequency vary from human to human.  I believe that everyone can enhance their intuitive gifts and build these abilities if they are ready and willing and this website will help them on their journey."


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Past Lives

September 27, 2019

Crystal Grids

August 31, 2019

Exercises for developing your intuitive abilities

August 4, 2019

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